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Born and raised on the Monterey peninsula, Tene shake is the authentic “local expert” with local knowledge of the Monterey area. Growing up in Monterey and Carmel Valley, he attended local schools and had the privilege of living in luxury estates while often visiting his brother’s homes on pebble beach including one on the famous 17-mile drive. Tene has a passion for real estate, buying his first home at age 19. While navigating through complex commercial real estate deals, Tene has been involved in over 50 million dollars of real estate acquisitions. In 2009, Tene built a hospitality company with over 350 employees and was the co-creator & co-founder of live traps digital events, a music tech company.

Service, service, service! Tene and his service professionals will represent you with unparalleled service, state-of-the-art marketing, and transactional specialists to help simplify the process of buying or selling your property. Tene will assist you in the process from start to finish, whether you are buying your very first home or upgrading into a new luxury home, or investing in or selling commercial property, Tene will negotiate the best price for you. While in the hospitality business, Tene served numerous celebrities and dignitaries over the past 30 years and Tene looks forward to serving you.

Tene is part of the Iconic Shake family, which has been in Monterey for generations and has played an integral role in Fisherman's Wharf's rich history and success. Their legacy lives on today, operating several restaurants, fish markets, and boats. Tene is the youngest of five brothers, thus earning him the nickname “Tene.” He was fascinated by seafood from a young age. He learned as much as he could from his brothers and the family restaurant, the iconic “Old Fisherman’s Grotto” and his father, legendary chef/restaurateur, Sabu Shake.
Tene follows in the tradition of giving back instilled in him as a young man by his Mom & Dad that simply taught him “you receive in order to give”. Tene is proud to support over 300 charities and organizations including: Salvation Army, Monterey county school districts, Meals on wheels, Rancho Cielo, Boys & girls club Monterey, SPCA, Cooking for solutions, Mission Acts, Dorothy’s Kitchen, CASA Monterey, and feeding the homeless. One of Tene’s most humbling experiences was meeting Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India in 1991 and spending a half day with her visiting the areas of the poor and homeless she visited often.  

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Tene has been involved in over 50 million dollars of real estate Acquisitions. Get assistance in determining the current property value, crafting a competitive offer, writing and negotiating a contract, and much more.

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